An anthology of inspiration for the Coming of the Seraph, an Angel Sanctuary fan fiction.


She dances in his heart without saying a word..just her..and her alone…


She dances in his heart without saying a word..just her..and her alone…

Because Nicodemus is a murderous murdering murderer.

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Lucifer as Erebus | Primordial God of Darkness, Father of Shadows
Azreal as Nyx | Primordial Goddess of the Night; Mother of Stars
Valac as Hypnos | God of Sleep; Bringer of Rest
Alastor as Thanatos | God of Peaceful Deaths; Shepard of Lost Souls

Born of Chaos, the Protogenoi were the gods who formed the sea and the sky, the earth and the underworld. To Erebus fell the task of darkening the hollow places of the earth with his dark mists, and when the Underworld was formed he stretched his shadow between it and the mortal realm.

Then came Nyx, who shaped the stars to match the glittered veil cast over her dark hair. Finding the world too bright for her liking, the goddess drew her consort, Erebus, across the sky to cloak the heavens in night.

Siding with the would-be Olympians during the Titanomachy, Erebus and Nyx hid their younger counterparts in what would eventually become Hades’ kingdom. Following the division of the cosmos between Cronos’ sons, the primordial god and goddess made their home in the darkness of Tartarus.

Their union of love and darkness created of a brood deities, and among them the twins of sleep and death.

As the winged God of Peaceful Deaths, Thanatos wandered the mortal world, guiding souls to the banks of the river Styx. Whenever Ares went to war, the Olympian would request his presence on the battlefield, so that his warriors could pass into the afterlife as heros.

By contrast his brother, Hypnos, frequently accompanied his mother as she trailed the night across the sky. He used a stem of poppy to send mortals to their dreams, to Morpheus.

Seeing that he had power even over the immortals, Hera called to Hypnos and promised him a place in the Pantheon of the Gods if would use his poppy to put her husband, Zeus, to sleep. Not wanting to anger the Queen of the Gods, Hypnos agreed.

Hera used her husband’s sleep to try and capture the throne from Zeus, when the God awoke he flew into a rage, tying his wife to the sky with golden chains and then turned his fury to Hypnos.

He chased Sleep across the heavens, and Hypnos called for his mother to hide him from Zeus’ rage. In fear of dreaded Nyx’s maternal wrath Zeus allowed the trickster god to go free, banishing him from ever setting foot in Olympus again.

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You can hear the cry of the planet - Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack

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